3 Day Refresh Tips

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Embarking on any kind of detox or nutritional reset can be daunting, even if it is only for three days! You want to make sure you are interpreting the instructions correctly, that you know how to customize the prescribed meal plan according to your preferences, and that you know what to do if you accidentally slip up during the course of the program.

Never fear! Support is here! This is a characteristically long, babbling and unedited video with my tips…or you can read below. ūüôā

Whether it is the 3-Day Refresh, Ultimate Reset or a self-created plan to recalibrate your tastebuds, digestion and energy, here are the top three¬†general ingredients¬†I believe you’ll need for success:

  1. Support
  2. Planning & preparation
  3. A clear reason WHY you’re doing it that goes beyond weight loss

Since we are jumpstarting our Mid-Summer Clean Eating Project with the 3-Day Refresh so I am going to focus on some tips for success with that program specifically here, but if you would like tools specific to the Ultimate Reset start here, or nutritional support in general, start here.

I love how the 3 Day Refresh makes it simple to see & access what you need for each day!
I love how the 3 Day Refresh packaging makes it simple to see & access what you need for each day!

3 Day Refresh: Support

There is no reason to go-it-alone while refreshing! This program is super simple, but I promise you will have questions. There may be times you want to quit. You may slip up and think you have to throw in the towel because you didn’t do it perfectly.¬†Be sure to use these lifelines before, during and after the Refresh:

3 Day Refresh: Planning & Preparation

Investing some time upfront will pay off greatly in your ability to stick with the program and get the results you’re seeking!

Before you begin, be sure to let your coach know your start date. Read through the 3 Day Refresh Program Guide book. Go grocery shopping if you need to and wash & chop your produce ahead of time. Make sure you have a portable water bottle/thermos that you can always have with you and a cooler if you will be away from home.

Be prepared! Wash, chop & package your meals & snacks ahead of time.
Be prepared! Wash, chop & package your meals & snacks ahead of time.

During the Refresh, these are some ideas for making things go smoothly:

  • If you are going to be working or away from home, prepare that day’s meals/shakes and snacks ahead of time.
  • Keep a journal (pen & paper or memo on your phone, for example) of what you eat & drink (including water) each day. Include notes about how you feel (mood, energy level, regularity, etc) and any detox symptoms.
  • If you feel hungry, that’s ok! Having a chance to truly be aware of your body’s physical hunger signals is one of the gifts of this Refresh. However, don’t get “hangry” (hungry + angry)! If you are starting to feel weak/headachy¬†and your next meal is pretty far off, drink 20 oz of water or have a cup of tea. If that doesn’t do the trick have some raw veggies. An extra cucumber isn’t going to derail your program!
  • Consider adding more liquid to the Shakeology, Fiber Sweep & Vanilla Fresh than what is recommended on the package. This is purely personal preference.¬†I always add more than what’s suggested because I feel more satisfied when the drink lasts longer and I like the consistency better.
  • If you feel gassy or bloated make sure you are drinking enough water. Light exercise such as walking or stretching can help. Adding raw apple cider vinegar (1 tsp-1Tbsp), fresh lemon juice (I like juice from half a lemon in 24 oz of water but then again I really like lemon!) and/or slices of fresh ginger or cucumber to your water can also help relieve bloating.

After the Refresh make sure you have a plan in place. Plan and prepare healthy meals for Day 4. Use the Refresh to get you into the habit of planning ahead so you can truly incorporate cleaner eating into your every day lifestyle. Consider joining my next online challenge so you have consistent accountability going forward.

3 Day Refresh: Setting Your Intention/Expectations

Many of us are following the Refresh program to jumpstart weight loss, and that is certainly possible! However I encourage you to set an intention that goes beyond the scale and be conscious of changes in mood, digestion, regularity, energy, taste preferences, and appreciation for preparing your own food. It is normal to gain back some (or all) of the weight you lose on the 3 Day Refresh but if you focus more on these other measurements it will help you make daily choices to facilitate long term weight management and health.

Above all, remember that you can’t fail! If you slip up, make the next program-aligned choice possible and move on. Reach out to me for support when you need it and keep me posted on your progress!

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