It’s Shift Shop Launch Week!

The Shift Shop fitness and nutrition program with trainer Chris Downing will finally be available this week and I am so excited!

Boy, am I ready to make a SHIFT! (Yes, I thought the name was a little goofy at first, but I get it now…this program puts you to work to make a change!) My indecisiveness with food and fitness plus an injury has led to a number on the scale that I thought I’d never see again, and I am grateful to have a new system to help me focus.

I would be thrilled with these results in just 21 days!

I had a sneak peek of one of the workouts and it was definitely challenging, but since Chris (the trainer) demonstrates each move you get a nice rest and feel like you know what you’re doing. This workout had a lot of functional moves which I appreciate since my goals have changed from purely weight loss to strength and injury prevention. Plus, moves like “bear crawls” and the “catcher’s squat” prepare me for life as a mom of three, when I’m always being asked to play, play, play!

Besides the sneak peek I’ve been studying everything I can about Shift Shop…here’s a summary:

Shift Shop is a 3-week ramp up fitness program consisting of strength and cardio workouts. The first week’s workouts are 25 minutes, then you progress to 35 minutes in week 2 and 45 minutes in week 3. There are also 50-minute deluxe workouts for those who want the next level.

Since the creator, Chris Downing, trains athletes, you will feel like an athlete doing this program! It is meant to be tough but accessible. In Chris’s words, “I didn’t want to create a program that would make a person feel like they didn’t belong or that would make them feel inadequate.” We all want to feel successful while being challenged enough to get results. That was my experience with the sneak peek workout – the instruction and motivation was excellent, and there was a modifier doing less intense/lower impact moves – definitely accessible to a range of fitness levels.

While the workouts ramp up, the nutrition plan ramps DOWN on carbs. You start out at a ratio of 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat. Each week you cut back on starchy carbs. I am really looking forward to experimenting with this way of dialing in nutrition. I am encouraged that it isn’t a “low carb” plan (you only reduce to 30% carbs) but a structure for increasing nutrient dense foods while letting go of those foods that tend to be an emotional crutch for many of us! I am certain it will help me get lean as well as retrain my brain not to expect treats and comfort foods all the time.

Shift Shop also promises a lot of mindset work. First, there’s the mental toughness you build by tackling something challenging. Then there is everything Chris is saying while you’re working hard. I experienced this in the workout I did and in interviews I’ve seen. His unique background, determination and sincerity definitely come through. I am looking forward to continuing the improved mindset I gained from doing Shaun Week: Insane Focus! The basic theme is to embrace challenge, and translate that to the rest of your life. Getting stronger physically means you’re better equipped to handle whatever life throws your way!

Now, in spite of the graduated schedule, the modifier and the motivational talk, we all need the support and camaraderie of REAL PEOPLE going through the program together. That’s where becoming a member of my team’s VIP crew helps. My team of coaches and the other VIP participants are there to answer questions, help you customize the workout and nutrition program for your needs, let you know when it’s ok to take a break and when you need to push harder. It’s easy to join – just purchase your Shift Shop Challenge Pack from one of these links (hover mouse over text for the link):

Shift Shop + Beachbody on Demand Annual Access Kickstart Challenge Pack

Shift Shop + Beachbody on Demand Annual Access + Shakeology

(No waiting!! With the two options above you can order now and get streaming access to ALL released Beachbody fitness programs and nutrition plans as well as the Fixate cooking show…Shift Shop access begins sometime on 7/12/17)

Shift Shop DVD Challenge Pack (ordering will be available 7/12/17)

(Includes 30 Day Free Trial to Beachbody on Demand and a set of Agility Markers)

Shift Shop + Beachbody on Demand Annual Access + Beachbody Performance Stack

Beachbody on Demand Annual Access only (includes Shift Shop as of 7/12/17)


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