Shaun Week: Insane Focus Review

Why I am posing at 6ish A.M. with a chair? Let me explain.

Last week I was unexpectedly changed by a something I joined kicking and screaming. I participated for the sake of team camaraderie, but I did NOT plan to like it.

First of all, this was a 7-day workout program created by Shaun T, the mastermind behind Insanity and it’s sinister sister programs such as Insanity: The Asylum I & II and Insanity: Max30. I have never made it past day 4 of these programs without dropping from exhaustion. Really, I respect what Shaun T does and aspire to master his intense workouts in my next life before I turn 30. In this life, I just thought it was too late.

Secondly, I have been battling a variety of age, overuse, and/or inflammation-related injuries for months now. The worst is just a mangled bunch of pain surrounding my hip that makes it hard to complete such activities such as walking and sleeping, let alone jumping around to Shaun T’s insane moves.

BUT in addition to wanting to support my team of fellow coaches and clients I was encouraged by the news that this 7-day program featured a MODIFIER. With a CHAIR. (So now you know why I’m hugging one in the above “chelfie.”)

So I tried Shaun Week: Insane Focus on Beachbody on Demand (which I also adopted reluctantly but now LOVE). The experience was surprising in so many ways:

  • I didn’t need the chair much at all. Because of the way some of these workouts progress, Shaun provides you with a bunch of modification options. Plus he is constantly reminding us that form and focus are most important, regardless of your intensity level.
  • My hip didn’t get any worse. In fact, it even felt a little better this week. Same for my other aches and pains. I was able to push myself cautiously without any adverse effects.
  • I actually enjoyed the cardio. And I have never been friends with cardio.
  • The mindset boost from this program is the most insanely great part of it. You could just march in place the whole time (or heck, play it in the background while you’re doing housework) and listen to what Shaun is saying in order to feel transformed.
  • Oh, and here’s a bonus: I lost a few pounds of fluff. There was no specific nutrition plan accompanying this week, but the byproduct of having a Shaun T-inspired attitude adjustment is wanting to make better choices!

One of the best parts of this week-long experience was the community. I was reminded how supportive and FUN it can be to join in with other women and complete a challenge in a perfectly imperfect way. I am definitely looking forward to our next one!

In the meantime, Shaun Week with its Insane Focus and blow-your-mind positivity is always available to Beachbody on Demand members (click on the photo below to find out how to join).

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