Ultimate Reset Review: 21 Day Results
Before Ultimate Reset
After Ultimate Reset

Mission complete! I made it through the Ultimate Reset 21 day detox plan. Actually it seems odd to say something so final, because this has actually been a new lifestyle jumpstart, not really something that has a concrete finish line. Let’s just say I made it to the first checkpoint. As promised, here is a not-so-brief summary of my 21 day results.





Ultimate Reset 21 Day Results: Measurements

The Ultimate Reset helped me “release” the following…

8.8 lbs

1.5″ from waist

1.5″ from hips

1.25″ from each thigh

At least one clothes size…won’t be sure until I get a chance to go shopping (perhaps the one negative effect of the Reset. As my sad wardrobe reflects, I don’t like shopping)!

Ultimate Reset 21 Day Results: The Good Stuff

As I’ve written over and over in my Ultimate Reset daily journal and review, this program has certainly lived up to its name. I literally feel like I’ve hit the reset button on my life. I love that the Ultimate Reset creators took a holistic approach, providing guidance on conscious eating, stress, breathing, sleep, relationships and physical activity. That’s what makes it so much more than a “diet.” The Ultimate Reset is an experiential lesson in self-care, cooking, slowing down and being present.

My 21 day results are an enhanced version of what I reported in my halfway evaluation. Basically, everything I set out to change with the Ultimate Reset did. Here is the breakdown:


Before: You can read more about my starting point here, but basically I was in a state of zombiehood. I dreaded going to sleep because I knew it would never be enough. I dreaded waking up because I had to fight my way through the day on empty.

After: I am no longer dragging myself through the day! I have no problem hopping out of bed at 5:30am and have sustainable energy. There is no mid-afternoon slump (it is 3pm as I write this and I feel no desire to nap – this is huge!). Most importantly, when I do feel a dip in energy I have other ways to boost myself back up besides reaching for food or coffee.


Before: Irritable, impatient, anxious, on-edge, defensive, miserable.

After: I feel much more balanced. No, I’m not walking around in a constant state of kindergarten-teacher peppiness here, but I am actually capable of turning that frown upside down! When I feel edgy or frustrated I can bring myself back to equilibrium. And again, I don’t feel like I need food as a crutch – it is not always the first thing I think of when I have a negative emotion. This is a profound change for me.


(Or, as we call it in my house, Potty Talk)

Before: Frequent bloating, gassiness. Irregular successful trips to drop the kids at the lake. (That is not a euphemism I’ve ever uttered aloud, but it is making me chuckle so I’m leaving it!)

After: Significant improvement, including much less bloating and better regularity than I can ever remember. If this is something you’ve never struggled with, be thankful. For those of you who have/do, you know what an achievement (and relief) it is to experience daily, um, movement.

Diet/Eating Habits/Hunger

Before: I ate and enjoyed healthy foods. But I also ate my fair share of junk. One salad + five cookies type of eating. I’ve been a student of nutrition for years but always had trouble applying the information consistently. I am your typical emotional eater: food has always been my #1 coping mechanism, energy booster, procrastination tool, social outlet, celebration method, source of relaxation, etc. Before I started the Ultimate Reset my energy was so low that I was slipping back into even the habits I thought I’d overcome: constant grazing, eating processed foods, night snacking. I knew logically that the constant hunger I felt wasn’t physical hunger; I was just tired, in a cycle of eating energy depleting foods like sugar and caffeine, and using food as a crutch. But that devilish instant-gratification voice was always there, saying, “you worked out hard today, you must have a fast metabolism, you deserve a break.”

After: By far, the most important change I’ve experienced during the Ultimate Reset is feeling at peace with food. When I check in with myself throughout the day and realize I am completely satisfied and feel no desire to eat, I am absolutely amazed. I do not feel deprived, panicked, or constantly “hungry.” I don’t feel the need to eat in anticipation of hunger. My body is now tuned in to a regular eating schedule – 3 meals plus a mid-afternoon snack if I’m hungry. I don’t feel like I need to eat constantly. After 21 days without chocolate or dessert you think I’d be craving a big hot fudge sundae or at least some Shakeology no-bakes. No! You know what I was looking forward to having on my first post-Reset day? My favorite quinoa salad!

I’ve had times in the past when I felt like I had conquered emotional eating, but it was always fleeting. Time will tell but this feels different – more solid. I think it is because I’ve finally experienced what I’ve read for a long time: that managing emotional eating takes a combination of the right diet (i.e. one that doesn’t send your blood sugar on a rollercoaster ride) and mindfulness techniques. I’m not expecting to be perfect (why is the nonsensical habit of grabbing things off my kids’ plates the hardest one to break?!), but I think that’s the secret: letting go of all-or-nothing thinking is a key step in moving beyond emotional eating and yo-yo dieting. As with energy and mood, I now feel like I have the ability to bring myself back into balance quickly when I go off course.

I’ve been on the quest to use food for fuel instead of managing emotions for a long, long time. It is a quest that has cost me a lot of money and brainpower. If I can sustain a healthy relationship with food going forward it will make the price of the Ultimate Reset more worthwhile than I can describe.

Phew! All that and I didn’t even talk about the Ultimate Reset food! It’s delicious. Which brings me to…

Grocery Shopping & Cooking

Before: Ugh. Trying to eat healthy foods while keeping the peace at home was a source of stress. I dreaded grocery shopping and the internal struggle of wanting to keep certain foods out of my cart but begrudgingly buying them to avoid sighs, eye-rolling and whining. Cooking was the same – I was either resentful that I was cooking something I didn’t believe was ideal for my family or defensive in anticipation of complaints (silent or voiced) about a “healthy” meal I’d prepared.

After: I feel like I’ve been through an at-home cooking class. The Ultimate Reset meal plan is FULL of simple and delicious recipes. I tried new foods like fennel, seaweed and jicama, and learned very easy ways to add flavor to vegetable dishes. I no longer feel like I have to force my family to eat steamed broccoli – there are so many other ways to prepare and successfully season (I was a chronic under-seasoner) veggies! I expanded my “food vocabulary” and learned how to make very filling and tasty meals out of fresh, whole foods. I look forward to cooking and see it as an adventure and important way of nourishing myself and my family instead of a dreaded, time-consuming chore.


Before: On the positive side, I worked out consistently – daily or 6 days a week minimum. But I was also using exercise to compensate for bad eating patterns and spent much of the day feeling anxious about when I would fit in my workout (since I was too fatigued to stick to my old 5:30 am “me” time). In the weeks just before the Reset I was just going through the motions – I’d lost all enthusiasm for working out.

After: I have truly enjoyed slowing down. By Day 4 I was able to get up at 5:30am without a problem and enjoy a relaxing walk or 20-30 minutes of yoga. Exercise was not a source of anxiety or stress because I didn’t need to compensate or try to “erase” negative eating patterns. I have noticed greater flexibility in areas that have been tight for years, and strength without weight lifting. The program guide recommends returning to your regular workout routine at 50% effort the first week after the 21 day Reset, then at full capacity in the second post-Reset week. Right now I am still walking and doing yoga (at a slightly greater duration/intensity) and considering what my workout plan will be going forward.


Before: Dull, pasty, bags & dark circles under eyes.

After: I think my skin is a bit brighter, perhaps slightly less pasty (??). I still have the tired-looking eyes, but the fact is I just need to go to bed earlier. But there is one completely unexpected skin change that I noticed toward the end of the Reset: I’ve had this random spot on my back for years that itches pretty much constantly. It’s gone. Funny, the Ultimate Reset guide didn’t even mention “eliminate random, unreachable, itchy patches of skin” in its marketing!

First thing in the morning, no-makeup close-up: Before Ultimate Reset
First thing in the morning, no-makeup close-up: After Ultimate Reset

I probably could have summarized my results in fewer words but I want to give you a comprehensive picture of what is possible in 21 days. I wish I had blood work done to see the drop in cholesterol and other numbers (I’ve seen several people report cholesterol drops of 60 points or more). Then I could go on and on and on some more about this program (can you tell I’m a fan?!)

Above all, the Ultimate Reset has strengthened my mind-body connection. Before I started this 21 day journey my mind and body were probably at the same dance. They even flirted now and then. Now I feel like they are at least as close as me and the boy I danced with at the 8th grade formal – approximately arms-length. I look forward to bringing that connection closer…before you know it I’ll have a full-on mind-body tango going down.

Most of all I look forward to guiding other people through their own personal “Reset!” If you are struggling with fatigue, excess weight, overeating or emotional eating, insulin resistance, high cholesterol, pain/inflammation, or you want to “take back the kitchen” and learn to prepare healthy foods, this program + my support is an amazing solution. Order here or Make me your coach with a free account to get started!

Before Ultimate Reset
After Ultimate Reset


Note: The “before” pictures were taken in December after my last full round of P90X. For at least 5 months I’ve been at a plateau…or what you might call a rut. Not committed to any one fitness program, yo-yoing a few pounds on the scale, slipping in and out of old habits. The Ultimate Reset was like being launched out of a starting gate – once again I feel like anything is possible and I can tackle my next fitness goals.

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