Ultimate Reset Review: Day 13
An unusual breakfast on Day 13 of the Ultimate Reset detox: chickpeas, avocado & spinach!

Alas, I almost escaped the detox phase of the Ultimate Reset without a skin breakout, but this morning I woke up to a zit bigger than I had when I was 15. It could be worse – I read about people who experienced rashes on their face and arms during this phase. The body lets go of toxins in all sorts of ways, including emotional release. So far the week 2 detoxifying has been fairly uneventful for me.

On the food front, I’d been skeptically surveying today’s breakfast menu for a few days, wondering if I should give it a try or swap it for the more typical fresh fruit plate. At the last minute I decided to go with the breakfast prescribed for day 13: mashed chickpeas with avocado and steamed spinach. None of those components are new to me – I love them all – but none of them come to mind when I think of breakfast. It turned out to be a perfectly tasty meal that kept me satisfied through lunch. I’ve enjoyed having fruit first thing in the morning but it doesn’t always hold me until midday like something with more protein and/or fat.

Up to my elbows in produce...washing, chopping & bagging veggies in preparation for the next few days on the Ultimate Reset.

I am getting antsy to workout but the the yoga has been a nice break and I’ve enjoyed the chance to think on some early morning walks the past couple of days. I can’t believe I will be done with phase 2 tomorrow!

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  1. I can understand about being anxious to start working out again, but all that yoga is going to help make you even stronger during your next round of workouts!

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