Where I’ve Been

It’s been a loonng time since I have posted here.

I will expand on this story as time goes on, but to sum it up: I got busy with my family, I got exhausted, and I got stuck.

I lost any confidence I had in my ability to “fix” myself, and therefore in my ability to coach others.

A few things brought me back out of hiding (so to speak…I was really just engrossed in being a mom and ready to give up on everything else):

> Various quotes and experiences kept replaying in my head, such as “your pain can be the source of your power.” I knew deep down I could help other women simply by being human. Most (all?!?) of us are under the misguided impression that everyone around us has it together…umm, probably not.

> Feedback from a coaching client who was trying to find time for herself in the midst of her career and motherhood. She said she would have given up on exercise altogether except that I told her it was okay to modify the workout program. That something was better than nothing. I was so encouraged that my message (work within your imperfection) empowered her to keep going.

> My community of coaches who accepted me back into the fray without question after I all-but-abandoned them. Their unconditional support is truly what is allowing me to flex my coaching muscles and rev my engine again! (And mix metaphors, apparently!)

> A very unexpected kickstart from a 7-day free bootcamp program on Beachbody on Demand!

How have you gotten yourself unstuck before?

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