3 Day Refresh Review & Results

3 Day Refresh photos + resultsI recently completed the new 3 Day Refresh and was very happy with the results! Here are my notes. (Photos coming soon…there’s something wrong with my uploader!)


  • I felt like my negative eating spiral was reset after Day 1
  • I have renewed energy for cooking/prepping food & that “self care” act of actually sitting down to a meal vs skipping meals & grazing all day on bites of this and that
  • I took in a notch on the “stress belt” (this is the mid-section bulge I’ve accumulated over the past year or so that’s hard to budge due to stress and lack of sleep)
  • The program is well laid out and simple to follow
  • I achieved what I wanted to even without adhering to the plan 100%



  • I had some digestive discomfort that continued through the beginning of Day 5 (read: gurgly tummy). This may actually be a “pro” since it is a sign that bad gut bacteria are dying off as the probiotics do their work.
  • I don’t think anyone will jump up and down about drinking the Fiber Sweep. But it helps balance out digestion so I’m all for that. Down the hatches!

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